Consumers are willing to pay more for purposeful brands. Responsible consumption (RC) brands have now overtaken ‘conventional’ brands in terms of growth rate (IRI and Boston Consulting Group’s 2015). Intention to shop for a responsible brand is becoming action and more and more people are now willing to pay a plus for it. How many brands in the market have this strong purpose? How many you can recognize because of their positive social impact? The answer is, not so many.....

The opportunity is huge! For many brands to become more responsible and for others to better communicate internally and externally their positive impact.

There is a wide-open space for truly purposeful brands to step into and own.

plastic pollution

Brands have a role to play in amplifying sustainability messages, thanks to their unique scale, reach and resources, and their power as communicators.

Brite is here to help, because we are GOOD BOOSTERS! We help good businesses to thrive by supporting their internal and external marketing activities. By choosing BRITE you will be part of this Positive Loop


Added value to your business

Not all company functions can be internalised due to limited resources and skills.

This results in:

  • companies using outside agency and freelance services

  • different agencies focusing on specific topics/items without an integrated strategic approach

  • a need to manage external services/agencies, which can make integrating different activities a challenge that can impact on overall outcomes

Major needs are in the areas of: