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Executives underestimate the percentage of their company’s shares held by firms employing sustainable investing strategies.

R. G. Eccles & S. Klimenko


Beyond contributing to worthy causes and giving back to the communities in which we do business, `sustainability practices and corporate social responsibility (CSR) help businesses communicate and demonstrate their values to shareholders, customers and employees.

For years, environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues were a secondary concern for investors, today corporations are held accountable by shareholders for their ESG performance.

Companies must be ready to share their statement of purpose, increase engagement across all the layers of the organisation and improve internal system for measuring and reporting their impact.


Communication is key

Brite helps businesses to measure, report and communicate their ESG practices and impact. It’s not all about sharing CSR stories with the public. ESG performance is required by investors and shareholders. On top of that, communicating ESG initiatives and ambitions is a great way to engage employees, who are much like consumers in the sense that they are increasingly interested in working with businesses built on strong values that are put into practice on a regular basis.

sustainable brands

Our Vision is to create a positive loop by helping good businesses grow so that more clients make socially and environmentally conscious choices, driving a positive change in the long term.

_Chiara Caligara


Aligning to the sustainable development goals

We work with you to help you align your operations and engage with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are making use of the SDG Compass framework as a support tool. The framework provides guidance for companies on how to further align strategies, as well as measure and manage their contributions to the realisation of the SDGs.

The Wedding Cake Model applied to the Sustainable Development Goals. StockholmResilience Centre_Johan Rockström.

The Wedding Cake Model applied to the Sustainable Development Goals. StockholmResilience Centre_Johan Rockström.

The Wedding Cake Model first developed by the Stockholm Resilience Centre and reimagined by Johan Rockström to account for the argument that economies and societies should be seen as embedded parts of the biosphere. This model challenges the traditional understanding that social, economic and ecological development should be regarded as separate parts.


“We must transition toward a world logic where the economy serves society so that It evolves within the safe operating space of the planet.”

_ Johan Rockström.


Sustainable Brands

Consumers are willing to pay more for purposeful brands. Responsible consumption (RC) brands have now overtaken ‘conventional’ brands in terms of growth rate (IRI and Boston Consulting Group’s 2015). Intention to shop more intentionally is becoming action and more and more people are now willing to pay more for a responsible brand. 

How many brands in the market have this strong purpose? How many you can recognize because of their positive social impact? The answer is, not so many..... The opportunity is huge! For many brands to become more responsible and for others to better communicate internally and externally their CSR and sustainability activities. 

There is a wide-open space for truly purposeful brands to step into and own. 

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Define your sustainability strategy and boost the impact your activities have on your business and make the most of the good you do as a corporate citizen.