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Thinking Long Term. Always.

Beside the fact that many SME owners embark on their entrepreneurial journeys without a formal academic or professional background in the area of business management, getting a market or target audience to not only listen to but understand what all the passion is about is no easy task.

This is why it’s critical to strive for the best and be prepared for the worst, and more importantly, to remember that growing a business is not a sprint but a marathon.

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Sustainable Growth, Growing Sustainably, and the Difference Businesses can Make

The natural environment, and the world’s relationship with it, are factors that businesses can no longer continue to brush under the global rug.

Once upon a time climate change and global warming were seen as potential threats we might have been able to avoid if we addressed our impact on the natural world and its finite resources.

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Strategic Insights for a Successful Scale Up

One of the biggest challenges any startup or SME can face is getting tangled up in the bureaucracy and organizational inertia that characterizes many big organizations. As companies scale and add more product lines or services and employees, decisions take longer to be make, implement and adjust, according to the market reception.

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